Brand Design Project

Reflection is a unique dining concept that combines culinary excellence with the exploration of self-love and personal growth.
The branding design for Reflection aims to capture the essence of this concept through minimalistic yet impactful visuals, incorporating elements of brutalism to convey strength and authenticity. The name "Reflection" serves as a guiding principle for the design, symbolizing the introspective journey that guests embark on when dining at the restaurant.

The logo for Reflection features clean lines and minimalist typography, with a subtle twist that reflects the concept of self-reflection.
The letter "E" in the wordmark is mirrored with the letter "C," creating
a visual representation of reflection and symmetry. This design decision emphasizes the theme of self-exploration and encourages guests to contemplate their own inner beauty and potential.

Typography plays a central role in the branding design for Reflection, with a focus on bold, geometric fonts that convey a sense of modernity and strength. ‘Inter’ typefaces are used predominantly, with occasional touches of the font to add contrast and sophistication.
The use of typography as a key design element reinforces
the restaurant's commitment to self-expression and individuality.

The color palette for Reflection is inspired by the natural hues of stone and concrete, evoking a sense of strength, stability, and grounding. Shades of gray, charcoal, and taupe dominate the palette, with occasional pops of muted earth tones to add warmth and depth.
This color scheme reflects the restaurant's connection to the earth and its emphasis on authenticity and self-discovery.

Incorporating elements of brutalism into the branding design adds
a layer of rawness and authenticity to the visual identity of Reflection. Rough textures, angular shapes, and bold typography are used to create a sense of boldness and confidence, echoing the restaurant's mission to empower guests to embrace their true selves and celebrate their uniqueness.

The branding design for Reflection is a reflection of the restaurant's core values and mission. By combining minimalistic aesthetics with brutalism details, the design communicates a message of strength, authenticity, and self-discovery. Through thoughtful typography, subtle symbolism, and a muted color palette, Reflection invites guests to embark on a journey of introspection and personal growth while enjoying a truly exceptional dining experience.


it’s non-commercial project
interior photos were taken from RENESA Architecture Design Interiors Studio

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