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Empowering Your Business:
Seamless Solutions from Concept to Creation

Empowering Your Business: Seamless Solutions from Concept to Creation

Complete Branding and Web Design Solutions

(1) Web design
(2) Web development with low-code solutions
(3) App design
(4) Logotype
(5) Brand identity
(6) Packaging
(7) Printing & editorial design
(8) Social media design
(9) Art-direction
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We begin with an interview to discuss your project, understand your business's unique aspects, and clarify your expectations.
My principles
& values
My principles
➊ A Trustworthy Partner
As a responsible designer, I deliver high-quality work on time and invest in your success. I prioritize transparency, open communication, and collaboration to help your brand achieve its full potential.
➋ Connect with Your Target Audience
My services deliver value by crafting visually stunning designs tailored to your brand and target clients. It inspires your clients to engage with your brand products and strengthen your brand's market presence.
➌ Genuine Care and Commitment
When you work with me, you can trust that I will take the time to understand your brand's unique qualities. I listen attentively to your ideas and strive to exceed your expectations.
➍ Purposeful and User-Friendly Design
I recognize that beauty alone is insufficient. I ensure each project is both visually striking and user - friendly, providing your clients with a seamless and enjoyable experience.
➎ Aesthetics as a Superpower
My experience and attention to detail enable me to create captivating, minimalist designs with brutalism elements. I enjoy working creatively with metaphors and meanings, crafting designs that elevate your brand's perception.
➏ Make Your Brand Stand Out
As a designer, my goal is to set your brand apart. I bring creativity and a unique, art-inspired perspective to every project, enhancing your brand's recognition and impact.
(!) key contacts:
(!) key contacts:
Client success stories
Our web app was transformed into a sleek and user-friendly platform thanks to Marina's web design expertise. Her professionalism and attention to detail ensured our web app not only looked stunning but also provided a seamless and safe experience for our users.
Web App for Sexting Experience
Marina's web design played a pivotal role in elevating our online presence. Her designs captured the essence of our brand, and the user-friendly interface she created has significantly improved our customers' browsing experience.
Promotek Oy //
Sales Company
Our e-commerce platform came to life with Marina's design prowess. Her creativity and attention to detail made our unique sneakers shine online. Thanks to her work, our website is not just a store; it's a showcase for our artistic products.
E-commerce Sneakers Website
The elegance and charm of our stone jewelry are beautifully showcased on our e-commerce website. Marina’s keen eye for aesthetics and her commitment to creating a captivating online store have significantly boosted our sales and customer engagement.
Jewellery Company
The innovative sauna stoves we offer are now presented in a way that truly stands out, thanks to Marina's help and professionalism. Her work gave our e-commerce site a modern and minimalist look, perfectly aligning with our product design and target audience.
E-commerce Innovative Stoves Websites
Marina's web design expertise played a crucial role in enhancing our business. Her clean and intuitive web design has significantly streamlined the process of connecting companies with tech specialists.
SLOC8 //
Technology Company