FCTRY lab:

Web Design Project

The Sneakers Lab is a creative studio and lab that specializes in developing unique and innovative products for both footwear businesses and individuals. The goal of this web design project was to create a website that would establish 
the Sneakers Lab as a reputable brand in the industry and showcase their commitment to creativity and innovation.

The website was designed to seamlessly weave together the B2B and D2C sides of the Sneakers Lab. The B2B side of the website is devoted to providing information about the company's principles, values, team, and history. This section of the site is designed to be professional and informative, highlighting the Sneakers Lab's expertise and credibility in the industry.

On the other hand, the D2C side of the website is organized like a marketplace, with rare and exclusive drops. This section of the site is designed to appeal to the everyday person who is interested in unique and stylish footwear. The design of this section is vibrant and eye-catching, showcasing the latest and most exclusive products that the Sneakers Lab has to offer.

To bring this project to life, detailed layouts for desktop, tablet, and mobile phone were created using Figma. The layouts were carefully crafted to ensure that the user experience was seamless across all devices. Also, a UI kit and guidelines were created to ensure that the developer's work was consistent with the overall design vision.

This web design project successfully established the Sneakers Lab as a reputable brand in the industry and provided a seamless experience for both B2B and D2C customers. The design was carefully crafted to showcase the Sneakers Lab's commitment to creativity and innovation, while also providing a user-friendly experience for customers.

(1) bottega veneta
(3) LOVER GPT 18+
(2) airpods max