based in Helsinki, Finland
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based in Helsinki,
How the process of website development looks like
The price depends on the website complexity. Please get in touch with me and describe your project for more details.

What I do:
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You approve everything stage by stage.
→ Landing page
→ Multi-page
→ e-commerce
→ Design in Figma
We conduct an interview, and then I learn all the details of a project, the specific details of a business, and your expectations. We sign a contract with all stated working process conditions.
Research & analytics
I research your business, the market, and competitors, then create a portrait of your target audience to fix their behaviour patterns and preferences. Next, I collect references and form ideas for a project.
Text and photo content editing
If required, I edit text and photos or help with text writing.
Prototyping & wireframing
At this stage, I develop a structure for a future website, make a sitemap of pages and interactions, prototypes of key pages.
Design concept
I create a design concept, and we discuss every design step together.
Then I transfer design layouts to Tilda/Webflow, make adaptive designs for different devices, create animations effects.
Setup & launch
The final step is forms & services integration, basic SEO setup, domain & analytics systems connection. Further, we test the site for errors and launch it. I record a tutorial video for you on using the website.
Feel free to write me, I’m open for interesting projects
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